Gong Yoo boasts his handsome look even while wearing an orange jumpsuit

Gong Yoo’s sweet visual has been revealed.

On the afternoon of Nov 2nd, several photos were uploaded on the official Instagram of Management SOOP – Gong Yoo‘s agency – along with the caption, “#Advertisement #No.1 man in the world who looks best in an orange jumpsuit”.

Gong Yoo

In the photos, it can be seen that Gong Yoo is filming an advertisement in a studio. He shows off his extreme handsomeness by perfectly digesting the orange jumpsuit. His elongated height also stands out. Generally, the actor’s perfect figure is drawing attention as well as receiving admiration from fans.

Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo will appear on Netflix’s “The Silent Sea”. Against the background of the future Earth which was devastated by the depletion of essential resources, this series tells the story of elite crew members who go to retrieve a mysterious sample at a research base abandoned on the moon.

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