Sending fans photos taken by his girlfriend? Golden Child’s Jaehyun and Alice’s Yeonje embroiled in dating rumors 

Fans suspect Golden Child’s Jaehyun and Alice’s Yeonje are dating. 

On October 18th, multiple posts surfaced on various SNS platforms including Twitter, raising suspicions of dating rumors between Golden Child’s Jaehyun and Alice’s Yeonje.

Fans raised suspicion of the two dating, citing the fact that the photo Jaehyun sent on POCKETDOLS, the 1:1 communication app with fans, and the photo Yeonje posted on her Instagram were taken at the same place, and that they also go to the same gym, as evidence.

Bong Jae-hyun Yeon-jae

On October 11th, Jaehyun sent a picture taken somewhere in Jeju Island with the comment, “I miss the warm weather ㅜㅜ” to fans through POCKETDOLS. After that, Yeonje did a Q&A with fans through her Instagram story. Yeonje posted a picture taken in the same place as in the photo of Jaehyun, with the answer “167” to a fan’s question “How tall are you?”

Bong Jae-hyun Yeon-jae

In addition, a photo of Jaehyun and Yeonje’s autographs was posted on Instagram at a gym located in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Fans claim that the two are going to the same gym.

Another photo that Jaehyun sent to his fans through POCKETDOLS also added to the dating rumor. This circumstance was also found in Yeonje’s photo. In each of these photos, a phone case with the same design that appears to be couple items was captured.

Bong Jae hyun

Wikitree tried to contact Woollim Entertainment and IOK Company to confirm the dating rumors of the two. IOK Company answered, “It is difficult to confirm because it is a matter that we do not know well.” Meanwhile, Woollim Entertainment could not be reached. 


Based on these pieces of evidence, Golden Child fans are showing reactions such as, “Aren’t you deceiving the fans by saying ‘Goldenness what are you doing’ while sending photos of your date with your girlfriend on POCKETDOLS?”, and “How can you send photos taken by your girlfriend through a message app that fans can see?”

Source: wikitree

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