Go Kyung Pyo: Rose to stardom thanks to supporting roles, Park Min Young’s next male lead, and more

Here’s what you need to know about Go Kyung Pyo.

The new drama “Love In Contract” led by Park Min Young, following a woman whose job is pretending to be married to different single male clients, is about to be released. One of Park Min Young’s “fake husbands” is played by Go Kyung Pyo, who has become familiar with K-drama audiences since “Reply 1988”.

Go Kyung Pyo was born in 1990. He debuted in 2010. Over the last 12 years, he has starred in different works such as “Jungle Fish 2”, “My Love My Family”, “Operation Proposal”, “Standby”, “Flower Boy Next Door”. He mostly took on supporting roles. 

The 2013 comedy sitcom “Potato Star 2013QR3” marked his first breakout role. Playing Seo Ye Ji’s brother, Go Kyung Pyo brought laughter to the viewers with his comic acting in hilarious scenarios. 

However, the drama that truly brought Go Kyung Pyo’s name closer to the audience both inside and outside of Korea is the hit “Reply 1988”. Despite not having much screen time in “Reply 1988”, Go Kyung Pyo still successfully captured the hearts of many with his good looks and natural acting. He and female co-star Ryu Hye Young were also voted “Best Couple”. 

After “Reply 1988”, Go Kyung Pyo continued to steal viewers’ hearts by playing the second male lead in “Jealousy Incarnate”, starring the duo of A-list actors, Gong Hyo Jin and Jo Jung Suk. With his handsome appearance and overflowing charm, Go Kyung Pyo made many viewers root for his character to be the “endgame” with Gong Hyo Jin. 

Go Kyung Pyo portrays a rich guy with a gentle and warm personality in the drama, but he is unable to win the female lead’s heart. The moment in which he holds his crush’s wedding card breaks the audience’s heart as he “has everything, except the heart of the one he loves.”

Although not the main character in the above love story, Go Kyung Pyo is enthusiastically supported by the audience. Many moviegoers always hope that one day the female lead will rethink and accept the young man’s love. It is also thanks to this film that Go Kyung Pyo is fondly called the “national supporting male role” because even though he only plays supporting roles, he is still loved as much as the male leads.

After years of playing supporting roles, the actor finally got his first lead role through the drama “Strongest Deliveryman”. However, ironically, when playing the main role, Go Kyung Pyo did not achieve the expected success.

However, the handsome Reply 1988 actor then quickly regained his form when starring in the next 2 dramas, Cross and Private Lives – starring with Seohyun.

The couple’s impressive chemistry made the hearts of moviegoers melt. It is because of their great chemistry that after the end of the drama, Go Kyung Pyo and Seohyun were involved in dating rumors, but neither of them spoke up to admit it.

Returning in “Love In Contract”, Go Kyung Pyo will play the role of Jung Ji Ho – a character with extremely mysterious family background. He and Park Min Young will make a fake married couple on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

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