(G)I-DLE’s Yuqi and Minnie, controversy over riding an “electric kickboard” together on the sidewalk

A video capturing (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi and Minnie riding an electric kickboard together was recently posted by a netizen

On September 21st (local time), a netizen shared a video of Yuqi and Minnie in Berlin, Germany.

In the video, Yuqi and Minnie can be seen riding an electric kickboard together. The sight of the two riding an electric kickboard together and riding it on the sidewalk instead of the bike path caused eyebrows to raise.

yuqi minnie

In Germany, if two people are caught riding an electric kickboard together, a fine of 10 euros is imposed. If caught riding a kickboard on the sidewalk, a fine of 55 euros is imposed, and if the electric kickboard invades the sidewalk, the offender could face a prison sentence.

In Korea, the occupancy limit for electric kickboards is set at one person. Those who exceed the limit and carry an additional passenger while driving an electric kickboard are fined 40,000 won. Furthermore, electric kickboards should primarily use bicycle lanes, and violating this rule by using pedestrian paths can result in a fine of 30,000 won.

Netizens commented, “They’ll only harm themselves if they get injured“, “Pay the fine and don’t do it again“, “At least they didn’t cause harm to others this time“, “It’s not allowed in Korea either. Hopefully, they won’t do it again“, “What kind of behavior is this?“…

Yuqi and Minnie are members of girl group (G)I-DLE. (G)I-DLE is gearing up for the release of their US debut EP album “Heat”.

Source: Nate

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