(G)I-DLE’s Soojin was praised for having charm like Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Having debuted for only 4 months, Soojin from (G)I-DLE is said to have charming and mysterious beauty that can be compared to Jennie’s (BLACKPINK).

The rookie (G)I-DLE debuted in last May, but soon became a popular name in the K-pop fan community. If  the leader Soyeon was the focus of attention at the debut time, then now each member is showing their own charm, making netizens excited.

Notably, Soojin has unique beauty in Kpop and she has recently been praised for her own charm that is said not to be inferior to Jennie (BLACKPINK). The reason why Soojin is compared to Jennie is because that the two both have charming and mysterious appearance of bad girls every time on stage.

In contrast, netizens also gave a lot of mixed opinions. Typically, Soojin does not have the same charm as her senior, Jennie does, and the two have different appearance or Soojin gave people feelings like Rosé rather than Jennie:

“Jennie’s expressions look sharper and more confident, and she is powerful as well. Soojin has not reached that level, but I see Soojin can soon get this in the future because she has a lot of potential.”

“Soojin reminds me of Rosé. The two both give me soft and flexible feelings, but Jennie is a little rigid.” The only similarity between Soojin and Jennie is that their round faces are both cute and seductive with hoarse voice. “

“She looks like Jennie only in the MV “HANN.”

“I think that Soojin is better and she reminds me of another person.”

“No! Soojin is unique and any member of (G)I-DLE is unique as well.”

“In terms of charms or skills, the two are not at the same level.”

Source: Kenh14

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