G-Dragon’s DM conversation posted on social media reveals his friendship with Jo Se-ho

G-Dragon showed off his special friendship with Jo Se-ho.

On the 2nd, G-Dragon posted the contents of a direct message (DM) he had with Jo Se-ho on his Instagram story. In the published photo, Jo Se-ho sent a message saying, “I like this cap too,” along with a selfie taken while wearing a cap from G-Dragon’s fashion brand.

In response, G-Dragon sent a photo of himself wearing a cap released by Jo Se-ho’s brand and replied, “But why are we fighting with each other?”

G-Dragon posted this conversation and tagged Jo Se-ho and added the phrase “Jo Se-ho vs me.” Jo Se-ho regrammed the post and wrote, “You’re pretty, Ji-yong-ah.”

Earlier, on the 3rd of last month, Jo Se-ho boasted of his close friendship by posting a picture he took with G-Dragon on his Instagram. The two drew attention when they were caught attending the Nike X Tom Sachs event together in June.

Source: wikitree

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