Funny situations when fans collect K-pop idols’ album photocards 

Have you ever encountered any of these situations? 

Finding out which random photocard you get is one of the most exciting parts when purchasing a K-pop idol album. Given the fact that most K-pop groups have many members, it is not easy for fans to successfully collect the photocard of their bias. Here are some funny situations fans found themselves in when unboxing idols’ albums. 


Getting the photocards of controversial members that everyone avoid 

Recently, a fan posted an unboxing video of LE SSERAFIM’s debut album “FEARLESS”. Looking forward to getting the photocard of their favorite member, the fan ended up being disappointed when opening the album to a photo of Kim Garam, the most controversial member of LE SSERAFIM who is wrapped up in school violence allegations. Without holding it back, the fan expressed her anger at seeing Kim Garam’s photocard, making the video go viral. 

Kim Ga-ram
Kim Garam is the member whose photocard fans “dread” the most due to her scandals 
Kim Ga-ram
Kim Ga-ram
Le Sserafim
LE SSERAFIM’s image is negatively affected by Kim Garam

Like the case of Kim Garam, when NCT/WayV’s Lucas was embroiled in a controversy over cheating and gaslighting his ex-girlfriends, many 

fans turned their backs on him. Lucas used to be one the most popular NCT members whose photocards fans always search for and are willing to buy at a high price. But after the male idol’s misdeeds got exposed, fans either got rid of or sold his goods, including album photo cards, at cheap prices.

Lucas NCT WayV
Lucas’ popularity went downhill after scandal 

Getting the photocards of unrelated artists

Last year, fans of NCT 127 found photocards of Stray Kids’ Seung Min and Hyun Jin in the SM boy group’s “Favorite” album. An ITZY fan once found a photocard of NCT’s Doyoung in her album. These mistakes make fans wonder if SM and JYP produced their artists’ albums at the same factory. 

Seungmin Stray Kids
Hyunjin Stray Kids NCT

This confusing and funny situation has happened to several K-pop fandoms. A fan of MAMAMOO once unboxed her “Reality in BLACK” album to see photocards of DBSK. Since Moonbyul is a fan of DBSK, fans joked that perhaps it was Moonbyul who put her idols’ photocards into her own group’s album.  

Did Moonbyul put DBSK’s photocards in MAMAMOO’s album? 

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