From TWICE, NCT to BoA, aespa… Expanding overseas performances in the second half of 2022

After recording a surprise performance in the first quarter with overseas concerts that resumed from the end of last year, more overseas schedules are set for the second half of 2022, raising expectations for the future performance.


According to Market Point on May 17th, SM (041510) closed at 68,700 won, up 12.07% (7,400 won) from the previous trading day. JYP Entertainment closed at 57,000 won, up 0.71% (400 won).

Their rise in stock prices is due to their surprise performance. SM’s consolidated sales in the first quarter were 169.4 billion won, up 9.9% compared to the same period last year. Operating profit also rose 25% to 19.2 billion won during the same period, exceeding the market consensus. JYP Entertainment’s sales rose 109.8% to 67.7 billion won in the first quarter. Operating profit also increased 39.1% to 19.1 billion won.


The reason for their increase in sales was the resumption of overseas concerts. Face-to-face concerts, which had been suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resumed in the United States and other countries after 2 years, and sales began to increase noticeably.

JYP’s global girl group TWICE confirmed their name value by successfully attracting 100,000 people to 7 performances through their North American concert. Aside from TWICE, JYP Entertainment is planning to launch activities in North America for Stray Kids and ITZY.


SM is planning to target the Japanese market, where the border has been opened for the first time in 2 years. Following Super Junior‘s fan meeting in Japan last month, BoA is planning a concert to commemorate her 20th debut anniversary this month. Besides, NCT 127 planned a concert in Japan from the end of this month to June. The SMTown Tokyo concert, in which all SM singers will participate, is scheduled for August. In addition, the four-member girl group aespa is set to enter the U.S. in the second half of 2022. It is also known that the debut of a new boy group is imminent.

nct 127

In addition to SM and JYP Entertainment, HYBE (352820) (1.62%), to which BTS belongs, and YG Entertainment (122870) (1.09%), to which BLACKPINK belongs, closed higher on the same day, raising expectations for the re-opening.

Choi Min-ha, a researcher at Samsung Securities, predicted, “The resumption of concerts following the re-opening will become more active after the middle of this year.”

Source: Edaily

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