From I.O.I to Wanna One, can groups created by national producers reunite?

After Kim So Hye hinted at the possibility for a reunion of I.O.I, other groups created by national producers are debated. 

On August 16th, the main cast of KBS’s new drama “My Lovely Boxer”, including Lee Sang Yeob and Kim So Hye, appeared on the TV program “Problem Child in House”. 

Before becoming an actress, Kim So Hye debuted with project girl group I.O.I, which was formed through the Mnet audition program “Produce 101″ and received a lot of love. According to her, she originally dreamed of becoming an actress, and appeared on “Produce 101” as an acting trainee.” 

wanna one

Then, when the MC asked if she missed the days as I.O.I, Kim So Hye replied, “There are times when I miss it. I talk a lot with the members.”

To Kim Soo Geun’s question of “There were talks about a reunion, right?”, Kim So Hye responded, “We were on the verge of reuniting, but it fell through in the end. I talk a lot with the members, and everyone is eager to come together again. The truth is, I often miss our group activities.”

Meanwhile, 11-member girl group I.O.I was formed through Mnet’s “Produce 101” in 2016 and was briefly active until January 31, 2017. At their concert, I.O.I members, who later returned to their respective agencies, made a promise to fans to unite on the 5th anniversary of their debut 


Later on in 2019, news of an I.O.I reunion was reported. At the time, it was stated that 9 members, except for Jeon Somi and Yoo Yeon Jung, would make a comeback together. However, due to controversy over the “Produce” series’ vote manipulation, the reunion became distant. 

Nevertheless, I.O.I members kept their previous promise, and managed to gather in one place for a “5th debut anniversary” live broadcast. Kang Mina and Joo Kyulkyung were unfortunately absent due to their schedules. 

Similarly, boy group Wanna One, which debuted through “Produce 101 Season 2” in 2017, also has many fans hoping for a reunion.

The 11 members, who were chosen by national producers, became incredibly popular. From their debut song “Energetic” to “Beautiful” and finally “Spring Breeze”, the group received a lot of love, before concluding activities in January 2019. 

Wanna One

In 2021, Wanna One took the stage together again. At the 2021 “MAMA”, the boy group reunited for the first time in years. Here, 10 members, excluding Lai Guanlin (who was in China), performed together, showcasing their unchanged chemistry. 

“It feels like a miracle, like a dream”, Wanna One members expressed at the time.

With some members pursuing solo activities and others active in their own groups, reuniting is not an easy task. However, the national producers are still waiting for the day where “survival show” project groups, from I.O.I to Wanna One, will reunite.

Source: Daum

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