From Eugene, Jin Goo to Park Bo Gum: Celebrities embroiled in religious cult controversy

As the atrocities of some religious groups have recently become known through Netflix’s “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”, the repercussions are reaching the entertainment industry as well.

In the online community, the stories of some celebrities who suffered from suspicions of being involved in pseudo- and heretical religions are being re-examined.


Eugene and Ki Tae Young, Evangelical Baptist Church of Korea believer rumors… “We’re believers, but of a different religion”

After the sinking of the Sewol ferry, netizens began to doubt Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young’s belief in the Evangelical Baptist Church of Korea. Eugene explained she and her husband are not a believer of the Evangelical Baptist Church, but of the Korean Christianity Baptist Church which separated from the Evangelical Baptist Church 32 years ago.

jin goo

Jin Goo “Seventh-day Adventist Church is not a heresy”

Similarly, actor Jin Goo, who believes in the Seventh-day Adventist Church, denied accusations of belonging to a cult in an interview in 2011, stating that the Seventh-day Adventist Church is not a heretical religion.


Besides, actor Park Bo Gum caused controversy as he was known as a member of the Jesus Centered Church, which was defined as a heresy by the Christian Council of Korea. However, the controversy was dispelled as he recently moved to the church that singer Sean attends.

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