From controversies about Big Hit’s joint concert, Knet remembers SM’s famous concert: ‘This is the real family atmosphere!’

Many people, though not fans, also enjoy and want to attend the SM TOWN concert once.

In recent days, fans of the artists have opposed big Hit Labels’ joint concert plans. Fans believe that holding this concert is unnecessary because the artist nor the fans cannot feel a family-like atmosphere. Korean fans of BTS even announced that they would boycott Big Hit’s joint concert and oppose their idols’ attendance at the event. In that context, Korean netizens had the opportunity to recall the famous concert series that can be said to be the most famous of Korean entertainment companies, SM TOWN concerts.

This event has been held over the years and in many different countries in Korea. It also received enthusiastic responses from fans everywhere. One of the points that make fans strongly support SM TOWN’s concert is the reasonable ticket price. Ticket prices on the ground floor and second floor are about 110,000 won, while the tickets on the third floor are about 77,000 won. However, if fans register fandom seats on the 3rd floor through the official Fanclubs, they can buy tickets for just 33,000 won. SM TOWN’s concerts usually last about 240 minutes with separate stages as well as some special combination stages.

Since the SM TOWN concert was not held last year and this year, many people, even not fans, began to miss this event. Fans even affirmed that the SM TOWN concert offers a real family atmosphere where SM stans can comfortably enjoy and cheer for the performances of all the artists, not only their own idols.

  • Sitting on the 3rd floor, having a snack while watching SM TOWN is really fun. There are also people drinking beer there.
  • I hope by the beginning of next year they can bring back SM TOWN concert
  • Why were they not held last year? Does not SM hold concerts every year?
  • I always sat on the 3rd floor and it was fun
  • A concert has nothing to be criticized. Everyone even sings along
  • I still remember when it came to “Red Flavor”, everyone was very excited
  • I love that they let the audience eat freely at SM TOWN concerts.
  • SHINee fans really like SM TOWN … Sitting in Shawol’s fandom seat is really fun. SM TOWN in 2017 will definitely be the best concert of my life
  • At SM TOWN concert, everyone will feel the atmosphere of a real family.
  • Since SM has a lot of hit songs, the audience can easily sing along … It’s interesting

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