IU Recalled Being Booed At During Debut Stage “I Experienced It Again After 16 Years”

On January 28th, IU released a video on her YouTube channel “IU Official” titled “The Day to Exchange Good Results and Health.”

The video contained the behind-the-scenes footage of IU’s pre-release song “Love Wins All.”

In the video, IU wearing a wedding dress was singing and being booed by mysterious crowd. After the shooting, IU said, “I’ve never experienced this before,” and the crew asked, “Is this the first time you’ve been booed at when singing?” IU replied, “Except for my debut stage, but why are you bringing up my painful memory? It’s the first time in 16 years that I’ve been booed at again.”

Earlier, IU appeared on SBS’ program “Strong Heart” in 2011 and talked about how she was booed at during her debut stage. “I debuted on a cable music program and a lot of boy bands came out on the show that day, so many female fans came to see it. As soon as I sang the first line of my song, I got cursed at. I heard one saying, “Hey, did she practice before coming?” It was a ballad so I could hear her. One of them started cursing, and curses were made from everywhere. One also said, ‘You pig.'”

“I felt like those three minutes of singing was too long. I felt like I had lost all hope,” she recalled. “Rather, I get excited even if there is just a little cheering sound. It was a stage that became medicine for me later.”

Source: Sports Chosun

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