FreeZia, who overcame her “fake controversy”, showed heart-fluttering visuals 

FreeZia, also known as Song Ji Ah, recently became a hot topic with her gorgeous appearance.

On August 10th, famous YouTuber FreeZia, also known as Song Ji Ah, posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption: “Let’s do something Pringies (name of her fandom) have been waiting for. Let’s chat together.”

The published photo showed FreeZia eating on an outdoor terrace. Even at a close range, the YouTuber boasted a splendid beauty and apparent collarbone that raised admiration from viewers.

song ji a

Previously, FreeZia gained immense popularity after appearing on the Netflix dating show “Single’s Inferno”. However, she was soon caught up in a controversy after netizens discovered her use of fake luxury goods, and had to suspend her activities for months. 

Now, FreeZia has made her comeback, and is actively communicating with her fans through SNS platforms and publishing YouTube videos. 

Source: nate

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