Freezia, “I met Gordon Ramsay but I was nervous because my English is not good”

Youtuber Freezia met famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

On November 19th, a video titled “Trip to Seongsu-dong ft. Gordon Ramsay, Prop shop, Song Bazzi” was uploaded on Freezia’s Youtube channel.

In the video, Freezia visited a pizza restaurant run by chef Gordon Ramsay. She recalled, “When I went to the States 3 years ago, I waited for an hour to have a hamburger in Las Vegas”.


The female Youtuber said, “I don’t usually wait, but I did that time. I’m excited thinking of eating street pizza”.

When the pizza Freezia ordered came out, she happily took a proof shot. As Gordon Ramsay then came to the table to see her, Freezia was both excited and nervous.


Gordon Ramsay told Freezia, “I would be glad to invite you to come again. Your beautiful nails look better with the pizza”. Thanks to an interpreter, the two had a short but pleasant conversation.

Later, Freezia shared, “I met Gordon Ramsay, but I’m not good at English. I think I can improve my English when I live abroad”, showing regret over her own poor English skills.

Source: Daum

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