Former KARA member Han Seungyeon shared the difference between an idol and an actor’s life

In a recent program, Han Seungyeon had interesting sharing about her life as an Idol and as an actress.

On September 2, Seungyeon gave an exclusive media interview ahead of the premiere of her upcoming movie titled “Show Me The Ghost”. This is a comedy thriller about two best friends, Yeji (played by Seungyeon) and Hodu (played by Kim Hyun Mok), who discovers that there are ghosts living in their new house. With no money and nowhere to go, they try to perform exorcisms themselves to make the ghosts go away.

In the interview, Seungyeon revealed that she has become healthier physically and mentally after starting activities as a full-time actress, “When I was active as a singer, I just focus on staying strong. I don’t eat anything and just exercise without sleeping. When I’m sick, I just get IVs. I really live my life, focus on performing on stage. I think with acting it’s the opposite. I started thinking a lot about whether I was mentally exhausted, or if I was lying to myself about how I felt.”

She continued, “During KARA’s promotions for our last song “Mamma Mia”, my weight was severely low. But everyone would tell me I was so pretty, so I became confused. The maximum carbohydrate that I consumed in one week was less than 10 rice paper sheets. My body looked pretty, but my allergies became severe, my skin became bad, and my health declined. I also had problems with my achilles tendon and had stress fractures”. 


Seungyeon then said, “These days, almost everything is okay. To be honest, while being active as an actress, I don’t really act in pretty roles. So I wear comfortable clothes, comfortable shoes, and really eat healthily while acting. I can feel that I got so much better.”

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