Korean actresses who can play any kind of character (ft. Kim Yoo Jung, Son Ye Jin, etc.)

While some actors only suit specific images, the actresses below can deal with different genres.

1. Jo Bo Ah

Although Jo Bo Ah’s acting skills still receive criticism, the fact that she looks good in all kinds of images is undeniable. She has perfectly played diverse characters, such as a strong girl inTale of the Nine Tailed”, a cool and diligent prosecutor in “Military Prosecutor Doberman”, or an innocent yet sexy high school student in “Innocent Thing”, etc.

2. Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung is best known as “Queen of historical dramas” but she actually can play more kinds of characters. From a woman in historical series to a bright and lovely girl in modern times or a villain, there is nothing she can’t do.

3. Son Ye Jin

Son Ye Jin seems to be a person who nailed herself in a pure, sweet image, but in fact, throughout her career, she has tried many kinds of roles. From ancient to modern, from innocent to seductive, even messy and old, she has all tried.

4. Park Eun Bin

Son Ye Jin can do many kinds of roles, but playing the role of a boy is unthinkable for her. Meanwhile, Park Eun Bin does this very well, and is even said to be the best on the Korean screen. And of course, in other images, Park Eun Bin is equally excellent.

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