Former EXO Member Lay Reunites with SM Senior Kim Heechul

On February 26th, former EXO member Lay (Zhang Yixing) was spotted meeting and talking with Super Junior member Kim Heechul at the airport after finishing a fan meeting in Japan.

Lay was formerly affiliated with SM Entertainment, Kim Heechul’s current company. The two thus share a close bond.

lay heechul

Lay left SM Entertainment in 2022 to pursue personal activities in his homeland, establishing his own agency. Despite debuting with EXO during Super Junior’s 7th year since debut, the warm interaction between Lay and Kim Heechul, displaying a mentor-mentee relationship, delighted fans.

Netizens reacted with comments like “It feels like going back to that time for a moment. They seem unchanged,” and “Time passes too quickly.”

lay heechul

At a recent fan meeting in Japan, Lay performed EXO’s “Growl” and “Call Me Baby,” expressing his affection for the group, saying, “I always worked hard within the group. I don’t want to disappoint EXO because I received so much love from them. It motivates me to work hard, whether in skills or relationships.”

Previously, Lay was the main dancer and sub-vocalist of EXO. Upon the expiration of his exclusive contract with SM in April 2022, Lay departed from the company. In 2015, he founded “Zhang Yixing Studio” and garnered recognition for his roles in numerous films and dramas, winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the 4th China-Britain Film Festival and the 25th Huading Awards for his performance in “Ex-Files 2: The Backup Strikes Back.”

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