Forensic doctor explains the motive behind the heinous murder crime of Abby Choi: DNA is the primary reason

The forensics gave their explanation behind the logic of the murder of Abby Choi committed by her former husband’s family. 

As the operation investigating the murder of Abby Choi is currently taking place, the police have reportedly found other body parts of the influencer in a house rented by her former father-in-law. The body parts are scattered in the fridge and soup pot. The police are in search of her missing torso and arms. 

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In sharing with HK01 news, a famous Taiwanese forensic doctor explained the cause of the horrendous murder was to obstruct the investigating operation of the authority in examining the DNA. The murderer wanted to dispose of the head and limbs to increase the difficulty in identifying fingerprints. He also shared that the soup was not reserved for eating but hiding the DNA and no other reason. 

abby choi
Four suspects were apprehended to serve in court on February 27th. (Image: HK01) 

On February 21st, taking advantage of Abby Choi’s request to pick up the children with her, Anthony Kwong, personal driver and Abby’s brother-in-law, committed the crime according to the plan devised by his father, Abby’s former father-in-law. Moreover, it was reported that her ex-husband was also on the same ride as her and the couple had an argument. The forensic doctor told the authority that the forensics have found a hole of 6.5 x 5.5cm in the back of the victim’s skull. They believed it was the critical hit that took her life. 

abby choi
The police are in active operation to look for the remaining body parts of the victim. (Image: HK01) 

Up to this point, a total of 5 suspects have been arrested in the murder case of Abby Choi. In the first-order court of February 27th, 3 male members of Abby’s ex-husband’s side, including her former father-in-law and brother-in-law, were charged with murder while her former mother-in-law was charged with obstruction of the course of justice. They are being held captive without bail. 

Wu, a 47-year-old masseur and lover of the former father-in-law, is also detained to look for any suspicious connection related to the crime. 

Source: HK01

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