‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ starring Park Min Young – Song Kang is getting more and more boring which makes the audience angry

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ by Park Min Young – Song Kang does not retain the same attractiveness and charm as the first episodes.

Forecasting Love and Weather‘ was once considered a blockbuster to save JTBC after 1 year of failure. Owning 2 popular actors, Park Min Young and Song Kang,  ‘Forecasting Love and Weather‘ got off to a good start with an impressive rating and also received many compliments from the audience. But later on, the drama became more and more boring.

Forecasting Love and Weather

The plot revolves around the love story of the two main couples, in addition to a secondary couple who also have many problems in their marriage. The three couples are unable to make decisions and are unable to truly open out to each other. The accident of Si Woo (Song Kang) in the latest episode appeared to change the situation, but all of the problems are still that the two had opposing opinions on marriage. The drama takes too much time just to deal with a few issues in the minds of the characters, with no groundbreaking action nor memorable turning points, which doesn’t seem to be suitable for a mass audience.

Audience comments:

  • Song Kang really should find another team. His team really doesn’t know how to choose a good script. As for Park Min Young, after “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim”, Park Min Young’s roles are still the same.
  • Song Kang’s acting is still as bad as it was in ‘Nevertheless’
  • Dramas use weather images to describe love, but viewers don’t understand the technical terms they used

Forecasting Love and Weather‘ airs every Saturday and Sunday night on jTBC.

Forecasting love and weather
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