Korean movie fans have raised expectations for Lee Byung Hun’s appearance in “Squid Game season 2”

With the fact that the ending of “Squid Game” indicates another season, netizens have speculated that Lee Byung Hun may appear in season 2 because of his recent update.

On September 21, Lee Byung Hun uploaded a photo revealing that he received “Squid Games” goods, including a game console-shaped box and a T-shirt with the “Squid Game” logo on it.


In the caption, he wrote, “Everyone, have a happy Chuseok holiday” and added the hashtag #squidgame in both Korean and English.

Among the goods, the green T-shirt and the zig-up jacket drew the most attention. It is pointed out that this outfit is given only to the people who participated in ‘Squid Game’. In the ending of the drama, Lee Jung Jae hinted at a showdown with Lee Byung Hun and the possibility of “Squid Game” ‘s season 2. The viewers are expected that Lee Byung Hun, who appeared as the “frontman” in season 1, may play as a participant in the next season.


A netizen commented under Lee Byung Hun’s SNS photo, saying, “It seems like this drama will not end with only one season. I think the fight of Lee Byung Hun and Lee Jung Jae will be the main game of season 2.”

“Squid Game” tells the story of people who challenge themselves in a mysterious survival game in order to win the prize money of 45.6 billion won. Along with the main leads played by Lee Jung Jae and Park Hae Soo, Oh Young Soo, Wi Ha Joon, Jung Ho Yeon, Heo Sung Tae, Anupam Tripathi, and Kim Joo Ryeong also appear in the drama. In addition, the top stars such as Gong Yoo and Lee Byung Hun appear as cameos.

On September 21, “Squid Game” became the first Korean drama to rank No.1 The U.S Netflix. Previously, the highest-ranking Netflix’s original Korean series was “Sweet Home” at No.3. According to Netflix’s ranking website, Flix Patrol, “Squid Game” also ranked 2nd in the global Netflix rankings.

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