Choi Yoon Young “I passed as a backup dancer for Lee Hyo Ri, but it was so tiring that I ran away”

‘Mystery Duet’ actress Choi Yoon Young revealed that she almost became a backup dancer for singer Lee Hyo Ri.

choi yoon young mystery duet

In the new episode of MBN’s entertainment program ‘Mystery Duet’, which was broadcast on October 24, singer Kim Junsu and actress Choi Yoon Young performed ‘All For You’.

choi yoon young

The two were best friends in elementary school and middle school. Choi Yoon Young recalled her memories, saying, “We were members of a dance team. Junsu and Eunhyuk were in a crew called SRD, which is short for ‘Song Rap Dance’. I knew they would debut because they were so good back then. It felt so good to see them debut.” 

kim junsu mystery duet

The production team then drew attention by disclosing information that Choi Yoon Young almost became a backup dancer for Lee Hyo Ri. Choi Yoon Young explained, “I couldn’t give up my lingering feelings about dancing in college so I auditioned to be a backup dancer, and I passed, but I remember running away because it was so difficult that I wanted to quit acting.”

Source: Nate

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