Following Propofol and marijuana, another third drug type was detected in Yoo Ah In’s hair test

Three types of drug components were reportedly found in the hair test of Yoo Ah In, who is under investigation for drug use. 

According to the news covered by MBC’s “News Desk” on February 24th, Yoo Ah In’s hair test conducted by the National Forensic Service was confirmed to have detected three types of drug components.

MBC reported that Yoo Ah In administered not only the first suspected drug Propofol but also marijuana and another drug.

Yoo Ah-in

Yoo Ah In was recently booked by the police on charges of habitually administering Propofol and inhaling marijuana and is currently under investigation. The police conducted a simple urine test after the actor arrived at Incheon International Airport on February 5th, then requested a hair test by the National Forensic Service.

Recently, the National Forensic Service confirmed that they already delivered the result of three types of narcotics detected in Yoo Ah In’s hair to the police. In addition to Propofol, which was mentioned in the habitual administration drug charge, and marijuana found in the urine test, another third type of drug has been added to the charges.

Yoo Ah-in

In fact, the urine test can only check drugs used within a short period of time, but the hair test is said to be more accurate as it can detect drugs taken within a year.

The police have also secured Yoo Ah In’s mobile phone and they are planning to summon him as a suspect as soon as the digital analysis result is announced. 

Yoo Ah-in

Earlier, Minister of Food and Drug Safety Oh Yoo Jung said, “The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety caught Uhm Hong Sik, not Yoo Ah In”. Uhm Hong Sik is actually Yoo Ah In’s real name. The Minister continued, “There are more than 600 million data in the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s integrated drug management system”, adding that the system included Yoo Ah In among Propofol administration suspects.

The actor’s agency UAA said to MBC, “We have not received any official information from the police. However, we will faithfully cooperate with the investigation as soon as the schedule is set.”

Source: Daum

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