Actress’ Brother Revealed to be Prime Suspect in a Woman’s Death?

The brother of a popular actress is being investigated as a prime suspect regarding the sudden death of a woman.

On April 16, a netizen claiming to be a family member of a deceased woman published on various online communities, pointing out the brother of a popular actress as the prime suspect for the woman’s death. 

According to this netizen, the actress’ brother initially claimed that he argued with the victim and went outside, eventually reporting the victim’s fall. However, after investigation, the police revealed that the brother was at the scene when the fall happened. 


“After the victim fell, the perpetrator was found trying to take the beer can and slippers that the victim had used”, the family member also said, adding, “He did not call 119 after about 10 minutes, not immediately after the victim fell.” 

“There is ample evidence, but the perpetrator is still denying all charges without any sign of remorse or apology”, the netizen also said, before revealing that this perpetrator is the brother of a popular actress who is currently filming for a K-drama. 

The post has since gained significant attention and was reported on official news sites. Under the comment section, there were a lot of people expressing sympathy, at the same time speculating about the identity of the actress in question. 

Source: Krb, theqoo, Naver 

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