Fingers Point to Ex-EXO’s Luhan in Rumor of Top Male Star with Problematic Private Life Despite Being in a Relationship

This rumor has set Chinese netizens abuzz, with eyes on Luhan, one of China’s most popular male stars with over 50 million followers on Weibo

It all started when a famous blogger dropped a bombshell on Weibo, hinting at a top male star’s scandalous personal life. The blogger revealed that despite having a girlfriend, this male star was engaging in promiscuous relationships with other women.


According to the blogger, this male star is an idol and actor. His name has two characters. Both he and his girlfriend are popular. He has acted in both movie and drama projects. He held solo concerts. He’s known for being responsible and “a real man,” qualities that earn him admiration from fans.

With these clues in hand, speculations abound, and fingers point to former EXO members Luhan, Lay Zhang, and Huang Zitao. However, Lay Zhang and Huang Zitao were eliminated from consideration, because Lay Zhang is single, while Huang Zitao has not yet publicly acknowledged his relationship with Xu Yiyang.

Guan Xiaotong luhan

Consequently, Luhan emerged as the primary target of this rumor. Notably, all the evidence pointing to the identity of the male star in question aligned with Luhan. If the rumor is true, it will shock many as Luhan has maintained a clean public image without any scandal. Additionally, he has enjoyed a seven-year relationship with actress Guan Xiaotong.

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