A former girl group member confessed that she turned into an actress because she had stage fright

Actress Song Joo Hee, a former member of idol girl group Hello Venus, confessed how she suffered from stage fright in the past.

In an interview with BNT released on Oct 31st, Song Joo Hee said, “I suddenly had stage fright during my activities with Hello Venus, so it was hard to sing in front of people. It didn’t get better even if I tried various methods. I challenged musical with the intention of breaking through this hardship head-on,” she said, explaining how she turned from an idol to an actress.

Song Joo-hee

Asked if she misses her idol days, she said, “Sometimes I think of it. Rather than missing my idol days, I think I miss the time I spent with my members. At that time, I only had to play my role, but now I have to do what I can’t do. I have more concerns than before,” she confessed.

Song Joo-hee

Song Joo Hee, who has recently been busy with the musical “Crash Landing on You”, said, “I had a lot of worries because I had to finish the 16-episode drama in two and a half hours, there were parts that I had to skip.”

As for how she maintains her close relationships with fellow actors such as Tei, Lee Yi Kyung, and Han Seung Yoon, she said, “We become close friends naturally because we talked a lot about our work as I was their acting partner.” She repeatedly expressed her affection, saying, “Our harmony is really good.”

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