Female idols deny the Inkigayo sandwich rumor, asserting that almost all idols are dating

3 female idols have revealed the truth about Kpop idols

Recently, Sorn, Seungyeon (former CLC member) and Ashley Choi (Ladies’ Code) filmed a vlog to discuss idol life. Notably, they received the question: “Have you ever received a phone number through Inkigayo’s sandwich?”. 

Before that, there was a rumor that idols, if they like someone, would secretly give their phone number to the other person by putting a note in a sandwich at Inkigayo station. After reading the question, all 3 denied the rumor, saying: “Who does that? I never received it, I wish it was real”. 

clc ladies code youtube

Besides, they also revealed: But your idols are probably dating. They are also human. Without love, life would be difficult. Sorry to be blunt with you, but they’re all dating.

clc ladies code youtube

The shares of female idols immediately became the talk of the town.

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