Fans turn to ASTRO Moonbin’s past photos for comfort after his sudden passing, his most recent SNS update gains a new meaning 

Fans find comfort in Moonbin’s old photos and work to remember him by. 

On April 19th, ASTRO Moonbin was found dead in his apartment around 8:10 p.m. (KST). Family, friends, and fans mourn over the loss of the idol. He was only 25 years old. 

Moonbin had a sweet and gentle smile that brought warmth to the audience. 

In the past, Moonbin was a child actor. He appeared as the younger version of So Yi Jung in “Boys Over Flowers” at the age of 11. At such an early age, Moonbin was able to convey his character’s wide range of emotions. Viewers were strongly touched by his bright eyes and slender facial features. 

Moonbin was loved for his eyes.
moon bin
He brought out a range of emotions in his character. 

Later, the child actor got the chance to appear in more dramas, one of which was “At Eighteen.” He also made an appearance in TVXQ’s M/V “Balloons” released in 2006. At the time, fans were amazed with his resemblance to Yunho. 

moon bin
Moonbin worked as a singer and an actor. 

 Following his death, the police are carrying out further investigation to see the cause of the death. In the meantime, it is suspected to be suicide. 

Confused by the current state, some fans turned to the idol’ last update to find relief. On April 11th, 8 days before his sudden passing, Moonbin uploaded a picture of a dandelion with the caption: 


“Roha, they’re dandelion seeds!!! They’re dandelion seeds~ Ride the wind and spread far and wide!

Go tell those dearest to me

that spring is here.

Tickle them softly.” 

Dandelion symbolizes two things: one for freedom and the other for an end. Fans take this as the idol’s final farewell to his fans. They find comfort in the fact that, in this way, he would be free from whatever pain. 

Last social media update from Moonbin. 
Photo of ASTRO together as 5 members. 

Source: YAN News

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