“39 years old” Kim Min-hee, will she be happy with her 7-year affair?

Actress Kim Min-hee, who was portrayed as a “national affair woman”, stood next to director Hong Sang-soo and smiled brightly.

They are the only two who can win the “Silver Bear” award despite constant criticism. Actress Kim Min-hee and director Hong Sang-soo attended the red carpet with the movie “The Novelist’s Film”, which was invited to the competition section of the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin, Germany on Feb 16th.

On this day, director Hong received the grand jury prize (Silver Bear Award) for his “The Novelist’s Film”. He was honored with the Silver Bear award for 3 consecutive years following “The Woman Who Ran” (Silver Bear for Best Director) in 2020 and “Introduction” (Silver Bear for Best Screenplay) in 2021. This is the fourth award, including the fact that Kim Min-hee, who previously starred in “On the Beach at Night Alone” in 2017, won Silver Bear for Best Actress.

Kim Min-hee national affair woman

In Berlin, their love was bold. The two, who attended the film festival side by side, participated in photocall event, press conference, red carpet and awards ceremony together without leaving a single moment. They exchanged glances affectionately, shared affectionate touches, and thin couplings were also inserted into their fingers.

Director Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee developed into lovers through the movie “Right Now, Wrong Then” (2015). The two admitted to having an affair at the press preview of the movie “On the Beach at Night Alone” held in March 2017, saying, “We are in love.”

Kim Min-hee national affair woman

“Kim Min-hee’s men”, who had been rumored to be in a relationship with Kim Min-hee in the past, were also mentioned. Previously, Kim Min-hee drew attention for dating rumors with Korea’s popular male actors such as Lee Jung-jae, Jo In-sung and Lee Soo-hyuk. Some people even jokingly said, “Aren’t you less interested in handsome men?Kim Min-hee, who had only chosen “handsome men”, suddenly had a scandal with the gray-haired “married man in his 50s” Hong Sang-soo, so it was understandable.

Kim Min-hee national affair woman

It’s been seven years since they continued their romance. Hong Sang-soo is already over 60 years old, while Kim Min-hee is about to turn 40. Will Hong Sang-soo and Kim Min-hee, who have been branded as “the affair couple of the century”, be happy in their own world? It is questionable whether their “my-way” love can last forever.

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