Fans concerned about AKMU Lee Suhyun’s weight gain “Is she healthy?”

Concerns about AKMU Lee Suhyun’s health have been raised among some fans

AKMU Lee Suhyun recently appeared on KBS2’s “The Seasons Season 3: AKMU’s Five Nights” and participated in various festival events, managing a busy schedule as the season transitions to autumn.

During this time, videos capturing Lee Suhyun singing on stage spread across various social media platforms and online communities.

akmu suhyun

In the shared videos, Lee Suhyun displayed cute gestures and her angelic voice.

However, some fans expressed concerns in the comments sections of these videos. They commented, “I’m concerned about Suhyun’s health“, “I’m worried about diabetes, fatty liver and high cholesterol” and “Is Suhyun healthy?

akmu suhyun

Some netizens compared her current appearance with the past, expressing concern. One person remarked, “She looks completely different from 7 years ago when she was on ‘Inkigayo’.

Despite these concerns, there were also responses like “As long as she sings well, that’s what matters” and “Even if she gains weight, she’s still cute.”

akmu suhyun

Meanwhile, AKMU is set to embark on a nationwide tour titled “AKMUTOPIA”. Starting with concerts in Seoul from November 24th to 26th, the tour will take them to Busan, Gwangju and Changwon, allowing them to connect with fans.

Source: Insight

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