Fans adopted a tiger on V’s birthday

BTS’ fan club ARMY is holding a special event to celebrate V’s birthday.

An overseas fan of BTS posted a certificate on his SNS, saying that she adopted a tiger for Tae-hyung (V’s real name)’s birthday.

The tiger being adopted has quickly become popular among other fans. Fan clubs once adopted animals to celebrate a celebrity’s birthday, but this is the first time a tiger has been adopted as a relay.

But the adoption of the tiger doesn’t actually mean bring it in to raise it. This is a project to send funding to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to support tigers, both wild and endangered.

V is known for using tiger emoticons frequently on SNS. Fans used the tiger that was related to V as the key point of the project.

V is also known as an animal lover. He used to gather attention for lying on the ground and releasing the seeds in order not to cut down the dandelions or breaking bird’s food with his mouth because the feed was too big for wild birds to eat.

Source: Dispatch

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