Fairytale-like BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut”, a love letter to ARMY

“Just as the Milky Way shines upon the darkest roads/You were shining towards me/The only light found in the darkness/On my path to you”

BTS Jin‘s music video for “The Astronaut” unfolds like a fairy tale, portraying him as the Little Prince on another planet. With heartwarming lyrics reminiscing about childhood, Jin’s robust and refreshing vocals seamlessly blend with the narrative structure, resembling a movie soundtrack.

“The Astronaut”, a pop-rock genre solo single released in October last year before Jin’s military enlistment, has steadily maintained popularity, surpassing 100 million views on YouTube on Dec 4th. This achievement marks Jin’s second solo song music video to reach this milestone, following “Epiphany” from BTS’s 2018 repackaged album.

The storyline of the music video follows a typical narrative structure, showcasing Jin’s decision to stay on Earth, despite crash-landing on the planet, out of love for the precious beings there. The video unfolds scenes reminiscent of childhood, starting with Jin’s emotionless presence watching a burning spaceship on a vast meadow. Dressed in a checkered suit and long socks, Jin exudes a childlike aura, complemented by quaint drawings in a cozy room.

The video shifts between scenes of Jin riding alone on a vast but dry meadow and riding with the girl. Later, he traverses a vibrant purple space and returns home, leaving behind the spaceship leaving Earth. The video concludes with a sketchbook displaying the words “HOME”, and Jin completing a puzzle while smiling at the sound of a bicycle bell outside his house. The warm, brown-toned background of the entire video, combined with a sprinkling of gold-like yellow hues, enhances the overall warmth, bringing out Jin’s lovable and cozy vibes.

The elements, such as puzzles, trucks and the color “purple”, subtly integrate into the narrative, contributing to a complete and engaging story. The video serves as a visual representation of Jin’s charm and warmth, not captured in the audio alone. Notably, the color “purple”, synonymous with BTS’s fandom ARMY, is recurrent throughout the video, symbolizing the connection between BTS and ARMY. “The Astronaut” not only encapsulates the essence of BTS but also acts as a heartfelt love letter to ARMY, expressing gratitude and assuring a return after a temporary departure, in alignment with Jin’s enlistment.

Source: Daum

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