Netizens were surprised at “LALISA” dance cover by the actress who plays the evil teacher in Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop”

The actress who plays the university’s housemother in Jisoo’s drama “Snowdrop” shocked netizens with her beauty in real life.

Drama “Snowdrop”, starring Jisoo (BLACKPINK) and Jung Hae In, is drawing keen attention. Apart from the two main character actors, the viewers are also curious about the actress who plays the cold-hearted housemother of the university in “Snowdrop”. Recently, Internet users have spread a video showing “Snowdrop” ‘evil’ teacher doing a dance cover to BLACKPINK Lisa’s hit song “LALISA”.

“LALISA” (BLACKPINK Lisa) dance cover by the actress who plays the housemother in “Snowdrop”
yoon se ah
She is the fear of all the students during every attendance checking time.
yoon se ah
In real life, she actually has a sexy body figure and especially loves BLACKPINK’s songs
yoon se ah
She dances to “LALISA” like a professional dancer

The actress who plays the housemother at BLACKPINK Jisoo’s university in “Snowdrop” is Yoon Se Ah. Born in 1978, she has already turned 40 this year but still amazes netizens with her stunning physique that looks like a young lady in her 20s.

All of her dance cover clips received huge attention from fans. Especially, many people didn’t recognize the person in this “LALISA” dance cover was actually the “evil” housemother they saw on TV.

yoon se ah
Actress Yoon Se Ah is sexy in her 40s

This is not the first time actress Yoon Se Ah dance covers BLACKPINK’s song. Before that, she also performed choreography with the songs “Money” (Lisa) and “Lovesick Girls” (BLACKPINK). It can be seen that although the actress is always rude in the movie, in real life she is a very cute senior and always respects the products of her juniors.

Clip of actress Yoon Se Ah dancing to Lovesick Girls (BLACKPINK)
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