“The son of KBS”, Na In Woo, has confirmed to star in a new K-drama 

Na In Woo, who’s about to enlist, has decided on his next project, which is another KBS drama. 

According to an article published on August 12th, actor Na In Woo has been confirmed to star in the upcoming KBS drama “See You After Work” (literal translation). In this series, he will assume the role of Han Sung Joon, the CEO of startup company Air Balance, who appears like a perfectionist, but is actually a cute innocent man. 

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Last year, Na In Woo began to draw attention via the KBS drama “River Where The Moon Rises”, having taken over the male lead role after the previous actor, Jisoo, was embroiled in school violence allegations. At the time, Na In Woo joined the cast abruptly and had to do everything in a rush, but his performance was well-received, with netizens praising his stable skills, natural portrayal, and handsome appearance. Thanks to this role, Na In Woo ended up winning Best New Actor and Best Couple (alongside actress Kim So Hyun) at the KBS Drama Awards, held at the end of the same year.

Na In Woo

Earlier this year, Na In Woo joined the KBS representative weekend entertainment program “2 Days & 1 Night season 4”, deepening his relationship with the broadcasting station. His next project, the recent K-drama “Jinxed At First”, was also a KBS production, earning the actor the title of “the son of KBS”.  

na in woo

Now, Na In Woo is set to join “See You After Work”, another KBS romance drama, which follows a woman married to a dead man, and introduces a swamp of misunderstandings, conspiracies, and crimes. The series is based on a web novel serialized on Naver back in 2019, and will be directed by Shim Jae Hyun, who is behind series like “The Producers” and “Zombie Detective”.

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