Momo amazed netizens with her attractive apple hip, proving her body to be the best in TWICE

The perfect S-line body of Momo (TWICE) has shocked fans many times.

All members of TWICE have eye-catching visuals and perfect body figures. That’s why it is not easy for fans to pick out which TWICE member has the best body. While Tzuyu and Sana get praised for their slim bodies, Jihyo also attracts fans with her toned body.

A topic about Momo has recently gained attention on Korean online communities. Netizens posted a series of Momo’s photos and complimented her perfect apple hip. In a dance video released on November 12th, Momo stole the spotlight for her outstanding S-line body. This is also one of the factors that help Momo gain fans’ attention during the performances of ‘SCIENTIST’.

TWICE Momo S-line
TWICE Momo S-line
Knets were shocked at Momo’s body figure
TWICE Momo S-line
TWICE Momo S-line
Momo stands out with her perfect body curves
Momo’s part in TWICE’s comeback stages

Momo also became a hot topic among ONCEs after TWICE’s radio show broadcast on November 15th. On that day, Momo wore tight pants and revealed her sexy hip. She also attracted the most attention in the photo taken with TWICE members and the radio host.

TWICE Momo S-line
Momo stands out in the photo for her hourglass figure 
TWICE Momo S-line
Momo’s awe-inspiring body proportion

According to many netizens, Momo is the TWICE member with the best body. Although she is not too tall, the female idol stands out in every frame thanks to her sexy curves. In fact, there are only a few Kpop female idols with such an attractive hourglass figure and defined apple hip like Momo. Momo receives much praise because her body not only looks pretty but also healthy, without being overly skinny like most female idols nowadays.

TWICE Momo S-line
Momo shows off her ideal figure on the live stage for SCIENTIST 
TWICE Momo S-line
Her visuals stand out during this comeback

Some comments:

  • I’m not a fan but I think Momo’s body is stunning.
  • She has a great body, but her face is also getting prettier lately. I personally think Momo is the most beautiful TWICE member.
  • I have my eyes glued to Momo in every choreography video of TWICE because of her flawless body.
  • Momo eats a lot but still has toned abs, mad respect.
  • Both her face and body are excellent!
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