Classmate Defends RIIZE’s Seunghan Amid Allegations of Doing an Instagram Live with Girlfriend after Debut

In response to the rumor of RIIZE’s Seunghan going live with his girlfriend, a person claiming to be Seunghan’s classmate has spoken up to defend him 

On October 11th, in a post uploaded to the online community Nate Pann, A introduced themselves as Seunghan’s high school classmate and said, “I recently came across a post that was written without any basis just to defame Seunghan. They posted a photo of Seunghan doing an Instagram live with the caption ‘Even after his debut, he secretly did an Instagram live with his girlfriend,’ but this is completely groundless.”

RIIZE Seunghan

A added, “I watched the Instagram live at the time, and the girl who appeared with Seunghan was not his girlfriend but an acquaintance. And the Instagram live was from last year, before Seunghan’s debut.

A continued, “Seunghan is really kind, has a good personality, and is passionate about everything. I’ve been watching him from the side, and he worked incredibly hard to finally achieve his dream. I hope you support Seunghan.”

A also attached a mirror selfie they took with Seunghan with their face covered as a proof. A further added, “I want to clarify that I am not affiliated with SM Entertainment in any way. Seriously, I’m not. I am just someone who knows Seunghan. I’ll share another cute picture of him.

The post defending Seunghan written by A quickly gained netizens’ attention but has now been deleted.

Fans are leaving messages of support for Seunghan. One fan said, “It’s weird that only Seunghan has been suffering from baseless rumors and leaked photos since before his debut. I hope SM catches and punishes the malicious rumor spreaders.”


This is not the first time that the private life of Seunghan has become a topic of discussion. In August, a photo of Seunghan lying on a bed kissing a woman was leaked. As the controversy grew, on August 30, he issued an apology through RIIZE’s official Instagram. SM Entertainment also prepared for legal action by collecting information about the photo leakers and rumor spreaders.

In response to the post, Korean netizens on the online community theqoo expressed their opinions, “If you watch the video, it’s clearly from before Seunghan’s debut. It’s scary to see people claiming it’s from after his debut to start a controversy,” “Even if it’s his girlfriend, I don’t understand why people keep leaking personal photos with malicious intent,” “Baseless rumors and leaked photos keep spreading. I hope SM resolves this issue quickly.”

Source: asiatime

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