EXO’s Suho, “Being Called ‘Mr.Perfect’ Or ‘Model Student’ Might Be A Good Thing” 

EXO member and actor Suho had a strong will to transform his acting.

Recently, Suho conducted an interview with iMBC Entertainment to celebrate the last broadcast of JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Behind Your Touch.”

Suho said, “Rather than being recognized as an actor, I wanted to bé know as ‘Suho who is also acting,’ but I got a lot of calls from people around me asking about “Behind Your Touch.” I think a lot of people who didn’t know I was a member of EXO also recognized me.”


He also expressed his thoughts on doing both EXO activities and acting, “While I was a trainee, I also dreamed of becoming an actor.” The idol also went to the Department of Acting at Korea National University of Arts.

Suho, who has built a neat and correct “exemplary image” as an idol group member before becoming an actor, has the desire to broaden his acting spectrum.


“I have wanted to do a noir production since I was young. In the past, I actually thought that I wanted to break away from the image of “model student” and “Mr.Perfect.” So I bleached my hair when I debuted. But what I heard while serving in the military makes me think it was rather good.”

He explained the reason, “Because when I have such an image, people will be surprised when I act in a different genre, or when I do a funky rock solo album.”

He said, “It’s better to be a model student.”

Source: daum

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