EXO Suho Reveals Yoona Persistently Asked If He Is the Culprit in Drama “Behind Your Touch”

EXO Suho tells fun behind-the-scenes stories of his drama “Behind Your Touch” 

In the drama ‘Behind Your Touch,’ Suho plays Kim Seon Woo, a part-time employee at a convenience store. Kim Seon Woo is the prime suspect in a string of chilling murders.


As the drama unfolded, Suho received messages from friends, family, and acquaintances. The experience, Suho says, felt akin to playing a real-life mafia game. The question on everyone’s minds was whether Suho is, in fact, the perpetrator behind these crimes.

“If asked, ‘Are you the culprit?’ I would reply, ‘I can’t say,'” Suho shared. “When pressed for the truth, I would say, ‘I am indeed the culprit!’ or ‘The culprit is Yebun!’ The moment the real perpetrator was revealed, my DM was flooded with messages that began with ‘…'” Suho said with a laugh.

im yoon ah

Suho revealed that it was Girls’ Generation’s Yoona who had the most relentless curiosity about the identity of the culprit. YoonA is close to both me and Han Jimin,” Suho explained. “She reached out to both of us. Han Jimin asked me, ‘Have you revealed it yet? If you don’t tell, I won’t either.’ So, I told her, ‘I answered vaguely, pretending as if the culprit was you.’ Among my celebrity friends, Yoona was the most persistent about this.”

behind your touch

In addition to Yoona, even Suho’s fellow EXO members Chanyeol’s mother and Baekhyun’s mother couldn’t resist their curiosity. They reached out to Suho to ask about the real identity of the culprit in ‘Behind Your Touch.’

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