EXO Kai reveals cheerful side during brand photoshoot with the whole group

EXO Kai revealed his cheerful side

On Sep 14th, a video titled “For you, Sahabat Scarlett! EXO Scarlett Behind” was uploaded on EXO’s official channel.

The video featured EXO, who became brand ambassadors for an Indonesian cosmetics brand, during a photoshoot and their visit to Jakarta, Indonesia.

exo sahabat scarlett

After teams of four took photos, they posed for group photos and shot an introduction video. In one of the scenes, Kai, with his bright blond hair, held a foam cleansing product and exclaimed, “It’d be great on trips!” Sehun, standing next to Kai, nodded his head with curiosity on his face.

The members wore colorful suits reminiscent of their “Love Shot” era. Their youthful and playful energy from their debut days still shone through, with D.O. sporting a neat half-exposed hairstyle that added sophistication to his look.

exo sahabat scarlett

Xiumin and Suho, the eldest members, radiated trustworthiness with their white faces and distinctive charms. They held cosmetics confidently, earning trust with their mere presence.

Wearing pastel-colored suits and coming together as a group for a cosmetics advertisement evoked nostalgia for long-time fans. It reminded fans of EXO’s past advertisements for various products, including snacks, beverages, chicken, ice cream, duty-free shops, clothing and especially cosmetics.

In the video, each member delivered a personal message. Kai, who has served as a brand ambassador for luxury brands for many years, said with an amiable yet sweet voice, “It’s not a bouquet of flowers, but it will give you a scent of flowers.” His candid laugh when the cosmetics did not come out was also adorable.

The affectionate glances the members exchanged during the group photoshoot were captivating.

Fans reacted positively to the video, expressing excitement about seeing the members together again and their playful interactions.

exo sahabat scarlett

Meanwhile, Kai enlisted on May 11th and is currently serving as a public service worker.

EXO released their 7th full album “EXIST” in July, sweeping various charts. Prior to that, Kai released his 3rd solo mini album “ROVER” in March, making an impressive comeback with wins on music shows and high rankings on charts. “ROVER” continues to be a popular hit even into the latter half of the year.

Source: Daum

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