Passed all 3 Big3 agencies but this is why NMIXX Sullyoon chose JYP

She had made a right decision!

JYP Entertainment’s (JYP) girl group NMIXX, who recently announced their debut, is receiving explosive attention because of their outstanding dance skills, singing ability and beautiful looks. In particular, Sullyoon  is gaining a strong fan base by showing off her unrivaled visuals.

Sullyoon – NMIXX member with an eye-catching visual which suits the taste of Korean fans 

Since JYP, SM and YG have produced many stars, the success of the artists is guaranteed and they are ranked among the companies that many people wish to join.

With a height of 166 cm and clear features reminiscent of a Barbie doll, Sullyoon was called a ‘goddess’ by fans right after her debut.

Netizens admired Sullyoon’s beauty over and over, saying that it was understandable that she passed the three major agencies.

It is not surprising that she passed the audition of 4 famous companies

In addition, in various online communities, Sullyoon’s unrealistic beauty and pictures from the past without humiliation were also a topic of discussion.

Meanwhile, Sullyoon once mentioned JYP’s girl group TWICE as her role model and revealed her extraordinary aspirations, saying, “Like Twice, I will work hard to become my dream. someone’s dream.” Seems like this is why she chose JYP over SM or YG.

Netizens comment on the reason why Sullyoon chose JYP:

  • [+56, -16] Doesn’t JYP have the best girl groups?
  • [+33, -1] I think the agency she wants is JYP.. I think she suits JYP so well..
  • [+28, -0] When it comes to female idols, it’s JYP, why do you wonder why she went to JYP?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • [+15, -3] It would have been hard for her if she had gone to SM because SM debuted Aespa in 2020
  • [+10, -0] JYP’s girl groups are okay, but the boy groups are pretty bad
  • [+9, -0] SM pushes male idols more than female idols. It’s hard to debut under YG and YG idols don’t have a lot of activities. Female idols suit JYP best because JYP is better at pushing female idols than male idols
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