Ex-T-ara Areum closes comment section due to malicious comments and rumors

Former T-ara member Areum, who recently announced her divorce and remarriage simultaneously, closed her comment section just 5 days after the announcement, citing malicious comments and rumors

On Dec 10th, Areum announced her divorce and remarriage, revealing her new boyfriend whom she promised to marry. This came after facing difficulties about 4 years into her marriage with a non-celebrity businessman since 2019. Areum stated, “I’m still in the process of divorce. Before meeting the person I love, I lived in so much pain. It can’t be specified. There are many proofs I can show, but I won’t because he’s still my children’s father. I don’t think long words are needed. I don’t need to think about ugly things or stupid articles. I only think of good things, and I’ll forget the things that hurt.

Areum introduced her new boyfriend, “Someone I want to be with has appeared by my side. He’s so precious that I didn’t want to reveal, a person like that. This person taught me what happiness is when I was worn down by many things. He’s the only person who ran to me when I was having a hard time even though he might have been harmed. I met a truly precious person whom I’m grateful for.”

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Areum, who is still in divorce proceedings, also mentioned that she sent her children to her husband for a quick agreement. Some fans criticized her for revealing her new relationship and partner too quickly while still in the middle of a divorce, hinting at a possible fault.

In response to suspicions about her new boyfriend, Areum warned, “Please refrain from speculating, making malicious comments and rumors, etc. about me and my beloved boyfriend. I sincerely thank those who generously support and encourage. It’s regrettable and unfortunate that I can’t tell you more about the circumstances.”

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However, despite her warnings, malicious comments and rumors did not stop. Speculations arose that her new partner might become “the second Jeon Cheong-jo”, referring to a previous incident involving malicious comments that led to tragic consequences. Areum stated, “He’s a warm person who is nicer than anyone else. He has done more for me than anyone can imagine. He’s the person who cared for me and can even sacrifice himself for me. The suspicions are groundless. I know this person very well so I’m not concerned at all. I have nothing more to say. I’m looking for the person who wrote this and spread false information. I’m going to strictly punish people who make other articles and post malicious comments on YouTube.” 

She added, “I will not care about those who continue to say hurtful things about the person I love. I can observe everything silently but I won’t engage in those posts. I will take legal action if necessary. I wonder why you need to live like that. Please focus on your life. Whether it’s true or not, the past doesn’t matter, but don’t get fooled by misleading information.”

Afterwards, Areum closed the comment section of some of her posts. Her social media account currently has some posts where comments cannot be written. Due to stress caused by malicious comments and rumors, it appears that her boyfriend attempted extreme measures.

Meanwhile, Areum joined T-ara in July 2012 as a new member but left the group in July of the following year. She appeared on KBS2’s “The Unit: Idol Rebooting Project” in 2017 and recently participated as singer No.21 on JTBC’s “Sing Again 3”.

Source: Daum

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