19-year-old trainee who was cast on the street thanks to her beauty but got kicked out of JYP

Actress Min Hyo Rin is drawing people’s attention as she is known to have been a trainee preparing to debut under JYP.

On an entertainment program, she confessed, “I prepared to debut under JYP at the age of 19, but I was kicked out.

At that time, singer-JYP Entertainment’s president J. Y. Park sat next to her. Min Hyo Rin made a straightforward remark, “Ask the person who made me leave.

min hyo rin

J. Y. Park got bewildered and explained, “I didn’t know Min Hyo Rin was kicked out.

It may be a sensitive issue, but Min Hyo Rin’s surprise confession of her past made viewers burst into laughter because the two are famous for boasting deep friendship even in private.

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Min Hyo Rin debuted as a singer under the name “Rinz” and released a single album in May 2007. However, afterwards, she began her acting career in earnest and rarely performed as a singer.

She made her name known as an actress by playing the role of Jung Soo Ji in the movie “Sunny”. Min Hyo Rin, a rookie actress at that time, was chosen as the ideal type of many stars thanks to this film.

After seeing Min Hyo Rin in “Sunny”, her current husband, singer “Taeyang“, cast her for his music video.

min hyo rin park jin young

Taking the box office success of “Sunny” as a stepping stone, Min Hyo Rin built up her acting skills and showed her presence with a mysterious image in various works such as “The Grand Heist” and “Twenty”. Then, in 2015, she acknowledged her romantic relationship with BIGBANG Taeyang and established themselves as a representative couple in the entertainment industry.

The love bridge between the two is known as G-Dragon. He said, “Min Hyo Rin was a friend of an acquaintance. I suggested her because I thought they’d look good together in Taeyang’s music video. Later, when I went to the music video set, I saw that Taeyang was smiling from ear to ear even though it’s a sad song.

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Taeyang expressed his affection openly by revealing that his hit song “Eyes, Nose, Lips” was released when he was dating Min Hyo Rin. Besides, Min Hyo Rin also showed her sweet side by mentioning her boyfriend “Taeyang” on various entertainment programs.

The two, who had been dating publicly amid a lot of attention, held a wedding in February 2018. They welcomed their son in December 2021 after 3 years of marriage.


Currently, she is reportedly focusing on raising her son. On Dec 1st, Min Hyo Rin posted photos of her wearing hanbok against the backdrop of hanok on her Instagram.

As she is building a happy family with her husband “Taeyang”, the public is paying keen attention to when she will return to the entertainment industry.

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Source: Daum

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