Ex-EXO’s Tao once again spotted on a date with former SM trainee Yiyang

Despite having denied being in a relationship, Tao and Yiyang were caught dating again. 

Recently, Chinese paparazzi released a video of former EXO member Tao and former SM trainee Yiyang going to the supermarket, eating out and returning to the male star’s house together. While waiting, the two were looking at their phones together. Yiyang tossed her hair and pushed Tao lightly.

hwang zi-tao

Yiyang is a former trainee under SM Entertainment and a member of SM Rookies. After returning to China, Yiyang joined L.TAO entertainment founded and run by Tao. She participated in the idol survival show “Produce Camp 2020” and was eliminated in the finale. She is now focusing on acting. 

Tao and Yiyang have been embroiled in dating rumors for a long time. Although they have been repeatedly suspected of being an item, their company still insisted on denying the rumor. 

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