“Everything Will Come True” Song Hye-kyo x “Queen of Tears” Song Joong-ki Maintain Loyalty Through Special Appearances

Actors Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki will keep their loyalty through special appearances in upcoming dramas

On Feb 23rd, a media outlet reported that Song Hye-kyo recently traveled to Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the filming of “Everything Will Come True” in utmost secrecy to maintain her loyalty to writer Kim Eun-sook.

Regarding Song Hye-kyo’s special appearance in writer Kim Eun-sook’s new work “Everything Will Come True”, Song Hye-kyo’s agency UAA told OSEN, “It’s difficult to confirm the details.”

Kim Eun-sook

The drama “Everything Will Come True” is about the story that begins when over-emotional Genie and emotionless Ga-young, who hold the power to determine each other’s life and death, are given three wishes that they don’t know if it’s luck or punishment. The drama stars actors Kim Woo-bin, Suzy and Ahn Eun-jin, with direction by director Lee Byeong-heon, known for “Extreme Job”, “Dream” and “Be Melodramatic”.

It is reported that Song Hye-kyo’s special appearance in a work is a first in her 28-year career. Song Hye-kyo, who previously collaborated with writer Kim Eun-sook on “Descendants of the Sun” and “The Glory”, will make a cameo appearance in “Everything Will Come True” out of loyalty.

Especially noteworthy is the fact that Song Hye-kyo personally decided to travel to Dubai for the filming of the special appearance, adding to the anticipation surrounding her involvement.

Song Jong-ki Kim Ji-won

Song Joong-ki will also make a cameo appearance in “Queen of Tears” to support Kim Ji-won, who worked with him in “Descendants of the Sun”. On February 23rd, a staff of the drama production team said to OSEN, “Song Joong-ki will have a special appearance in the drama. It was possible because of his friendship with actress Kim Ji-won”.

However, the staff carefully stated, “We ask for your understanding that we cannot reveal any details about the role and screen time of Song Joong-ki to prevent spoilers. Please check it out on the broadcast”.

Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji-won met each other for the first time through “Descendants of the Sun” and reunited in “Arthdal Chronicles Season 1”. Later, Kim Ji-won joined HighZium Studio and the two have been under the same agency since then. As Kim Ji-won will play the female lead of “Queen of Tears”, Song Joong-ki also showed his loyalty to the actress with his cameo appearance.

“Queen of Tears” centers around the romance of Hong Hae-in (Kim Ji-won), a chaebol and department store queen, and Baek Hyun-woo (Kim Soo-hyun), son of Yongdu-ri and a supermarket prince, as they begin to face crisis in the third year of their marriage.

The special appearances of special actors in “Everything Will Come True” and “Queen of Tears” are not only raising fans’ expectations but also arousing keen public attention. Amid rising curiosity about their roles in the dramas, the two’s loyalty to colleagues is applaudable.

Source: Daum

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