“Episode 9 seems like a legend”… The kiss scene in MBC’s drama “The Forbidden Marriage” yesterday

The kiss scene in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Forbidden Marriage” received a hot response.

In episode 9 of MBC’s “The Forbidden Marriage“, which aired on Jan 13th, So Rang (Park Ju Hyun) and Lee Heon (Kim Young Dae) confirmed their love for each other.

So Rang, who was sitting in front of the drinking table and having a conversation with Lee Heon, fell into Lee Heon’s arms while reenacting her dancing.

the forbidden marriage

Lee Heon, who held So Rang in his arms, said, “Did I tell you? Everything that happens here now will be a secret. Whether it’s dancing, messing around, drinking or something embarrassing.

So Rang looked into Lee Heon’s eyes then suddenly kissed him. When Lee Heon looked surprised, So Rang smilingly told him, “You said everything that happens here is a secret.

the forbidden marriage

At Lee Heon’s words “Don’t do it“, So Rang kissed him briefly again and asked naughtily, “I can’t do it?” Lee Heon turned away, “I said don’t do it. You should go through it too.

When So Rang said “I can’t help myself“, Lee Heon replied with a pouty expression, “You look at me then say you can’t help yourself.” So Rang said “It’s impossible. This” and shared a deep kiss with Lee Heon.

the forbidden marriage

Afterwards, the two confirmed their love for each other by lying in bed and sharing a hot kiss. Lee Heon untied So Rang’s clothes and held her hand tightly, making viewers excited.

Regarding Lee Heon and So Rang’s kiss scene, viewers commented, “Episode 9 seems like a legend“, “Kim Young Dae is really sexy and soft“…

the forbidden marriage

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