Enhypen Members Criticized For Taking Photo With A-list Bar Hostess At Brand Event In Japan

Controversy recently arose as the photo of Enhypen members with a bar hostess spread widely in online communities 

According to Segye Ilbo on April 15th, a fan of Enhypen’s Jake shared on SNS a photo of Jake and another Enhypen member taking a picture with A, a hostess and owner of a famous Japanese kyabakura bar.

In particular, the two Enhypen members recently attended a jewelry brand event in Japan. Among many celebrities invited to the event, Enhypen members only took a photo with A. 


In response, Japanese netizens couldn’t hide their disappointment over the scene of a bar hostess standing side by side with K-pop stars. Many also wondered if the Enhypen members agreed to take a photo with A without knowing her job.

Although bar hostesses and adult actors (AV) in Japan often appear in the media, which is completely different from that in Korean culture, netizens still disagreed with the fact that A was with members of an idol group known around the world. Some commented, “I don’t think Enhypen members knew who A was”, “Bar hostess is not a job recommendation in Japan”, “I wonder why A was invited to such an event”, “Who released that picture?”, “What is their company doing?”, etc.


In an interview with the media, Enhypen’s agency HYBE explained, “While attending the brand event, they were asked to take photos with several guests there. In many cases, we cannot check the identities of the people who made requests”, adding “Enhypen met A for the first time at the event. A was among the people who asked for a picture with the members and we didn’t know who she was. We would like to inform you that the photo was taken at the event at the request of the guest.”

Source: wikitree

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