Dye one’s hair to bypass drug test? The last scene in “Celebrity” reminds netizens of past drug use controversies  

Three real-life famous idols once attempted to dye their hair to bypass drug tests, similarly to one scene in “Celebrity.” 

Celebrity” is the hottest series online, standing at No. 1 on Netflix for its stellar and dazzling cast, including 35 guest stars. The satirical story depicts the life behind the limelight of famous figures. Recently, when the villain Jin Chae Hee (Han Jae In) was exposed for using drugs, she appeared with bleached hair, drawing attention. 


The detail quickly became the talk of the town when it reminded viewers of the series of controversies in 2019 and 2020 where idols who got into drug use scandals bleached their hair. The trick is that dying one’s hair would help them bypass drug use test by authority. Three idols were caught doing so in the past, including Yoochun, B.I, and Ilhoon (BTOB). 


Park Yoochun was criticized when he got into a series of scandals in 2019 and spiraled into a notorious drug use controversies. In April 2019, the police gathered his hair sample on his body, from his apartment at Hanam and his vehicle. At the time, his urinal sample gave back a negative result. 

Because the actor got his hair waxed, the police ordered to take sample of his hair and hair on his legs. Philopon was found on the hair on his leg, meaning that Yoochun was positive with using meth and was exposed of lying in a press conference where he stated he did not do such a drug. CCTV footage also recorded the singer go to a designated location to receive meth. However, he denied and stated he only brought home items for his fiancee Hwang Hana unknowingly. 


Before the scandal broke out, Yoochun bleached his hair and brows and continued doing so during the police investigation. Later, it was exposed to be a way to bypass the police’s drug test. 

In July 2019, Yoochun was given two years of probation and would be sentenced to prison if he committed any extra charges. He was also fined 1.4 million won. 


From April to May 2016, B.I was accused to have purchased marijuana and LSD from a trainee named Han Seo Hee and used the substance multiple times. When B.I was exposed of using drugs, the idol had to leave iKON and YG Entertainment. 


He was fined 4 years of probation, 80 hours of community services, 40 hours of lectures about the damage of and treatment for meth adidiction, and was fined 1.5 million won. In May 2019, the idol bleached his hair and eyebrows. At the time, he was thought to be preparing for a comeback with Lee Hi. 

Ilhoon (BTOB)

In 2020, BTOB Ilhoon was accused of using drugs 3 to 4 years ago, most recently in 2019. In his own words, the BTOB member, along with 7 other suspects, admitted to spending nearly 100 million won of cryptocurrency to buy marijuna from 2016 to 2019. He was fined 133 million won and 2 years in prison for violating the Drug Control Act. 


In 2019, Ilhoon appeared in “TMI News” and said that he dyed his hair platinum blonde to attend his sister’s wedding. When others said that black hair would be more suited, the singer responded vaguely that he had to prepare for all circumstances. 

Before the hearing took place, Ilhoon wrote 27 letters with the hopes of being albe to appeal and showing his remorse, from July 9 to August 18. In the end, the idol had to leave CUBE Entertainment and BTOB. 

Source: naver 

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