Beating No.2 aespa and No.3 BTS, IU continued to dominate 1st place on Idol Chart’s “Acha Ranking”

Singer IU surpassed idol groups BTS and aespa on the popularity chart “Acha Ranking”

On February 5th, Idol Chart announced that singer IU topped the Idol Chart’s “Acha Ranking” in the 4th week of January.


According to Idol Chart’s rankings in the 4th week of January released on Feb 5th, IU scored a total of 7,871 points, which includes 1,865 music points, 3,450 Youtube points, and 2,486 SNS points.

IU released her special mini-album “Pieces” in December last year and swept the No.1 spot on various music charts with the title song “Winter Sleep”. Thanks to this achievement, she won the Daesang (Grand Prize) at Golden Disc Awards.

aespa ranked 2nd place with 6,097 points and was followed by BTS (4,767 points) and Lim Young-woong (4,614 points).

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