Falling in love with V (BTS), the female dreamy chef became a model with a series of super cute cheap moments with idols: Don’t underestimate the power of fangirls!

Falling in love with BTS’s V and loving taking photos at the same time, Ai Nhi has released a series of cute cheap moments with her idol.

Once in an idol pit, fangirls will have many ways to show their affection for the people they admire. Not being afraid to spend money to go to concerts, following idols everywhere and collecting enough from albums to clothes or any type of furniture with the image of their “lover”.

But the fact is that not all fangirls have enough money to invest in all these. Another more silent but equally drastic way is to turn the feelings for idols into motivation. Ai Nhi (21 years old), from Quang Binh is a fangirl of this type. And her idol is no one else  but V (Kim Tae-hyung) along with BTS.

With the amount of money that cooking brings about, of course Ai Nhi will not be able to do things such as going to concerts, going to Korea, … Instead, she uses her passion of taking photos to create a series of cheap moment with V.

Ai Nhi said she has been an ARMY for 3 years after accidentally coming across and watching videos about BTS’s daily life. At that time, she felt that she was transmitted a lot of positive energy, so she took the time to find more info and fall in love with this boy band from time to time.

Particularly V, the person who gives Nhi the most impression of personality, talent and beauty, so she gives a little bit more affection, which leads to her exactly identical cheap moments.

But not only that, Nhi herself has changed a lot more positively than before: “Previously I was a very hot-tempered and quite childish person, or even compete with those who hate me. I can also be mean sometimes, but now I’ve become a lot more sensible. Because every time I feel that way, I listen to BTS’s music to relax and think about trying to become a good person like my idol “.

In addition Ai Nhi also save money and work hard every day. Although she wants to become a model and has passion for photography while her current job is a chef, Nhi still tries every day to perfect herself. Her dream of attending a BTS concert in Korea is her biggest motivation.

Eventually, Nhi did not forget to send a message to fangirls in general and ARMY in particular: “It is possible that people do not have a very friendly look to the fan clubs because they think we are daydreaming and bullshit. But it is something beautiful and brings about more positive energy than what people can see.

So if you have an idol, feel lucky and happy for that. Although the idol may not know the fans, not give the fans anything but more or less will make the fans change positively. Once again, I love BangTan, I love ARMY “.

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