“Do you want to come to SM?” Na Eun’s talent recognized by both ITZY and Max Changmin (The Return of Superman)

“The Return of Superman” Park Joo Ho’s daughter Na Eun completely transformed into an idol.

On the August 22nd broadcast of KBS 2TV’s “The Return of Superman”, So Yoo Jin and Max Changmin worked together as narrators.


Park Joo Ho and Jin-Geon-Navely (Na Eun + Geon Hoo + Jin Woo) met ITZY in JYP Entertainment’s practice room, drawing attention. Na Eun, who is into K-pop and is attending a dance academy, previously participated in NMIXX’s dance challenge.

Na Eun confessed that she is a fan of ITZY and performed “DALLA DALLA” in front of the members. Yeji praised her dance skills, “You catch the point well.”

Jin Woo also took the stage to show off his dance skills, but he sobbed as BTS’ “Butter”, the song he wanted, did not come out. Yuna burst into laughter at this situation, saying, “I respect all the parents in the world. Suddenly, I feel grateful to my mom and dad.

ITZY taught Na Eun the choreography of their new song “CAKE” and suggested that she participate in the challenge. On the day of the challenge shoot, Na Eun visited the shop to which ITZY often goes and got her makeup done. Seeing Na Eun transform into a fairy idol, Max Changmin couldn’t help but exclaim, “She really needs to debut.”


Park Joo Ho and Jin-Geon-Navely visited KBS ahead of the recording of “Music Bank” to meet ITZY. They met Na Eun’s big fan Max Changmin in the dubbing room of “The Return of Superman“. When Na Eun greeted him happily “Hello, uncle Changmin“, Max Changmin shouted “Na Eun” in disbelief and could not keep his mouth shut.

Park Joo Ho pointed to Max Changmin and introduced him as “an idol that captivated Korea”. After seeing Na Eun’s “DALLA DALLA” dance, Max Changmin attracted attention by saying, “Do you want to come to my agency?

Source: Daum

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