Deng Lun and Li Yifeng can now return thanks to Cai Xukun?

Despite having left the Chinese showbiz, Deng Lun and Li Yifeng are being mentioned amidst Cai Xukun’s scandal.

The recent scandal involving Cai Xukun, which was exposed by Chinese paparazzis, has caused a stir across various SNS platforms. With various top celebrities and influential figures in the Chinese entertainment industry, such as Fan Bingbing, Zheng Shuang, Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, and so on embroiled in scandals, it seems that netizens are losing trust.

cai xukun

It’s worth noting that initially, the incident involving Cai Xukun was simply about private matters, with him getting a girl pregnant and both allegedly agreeing on an abortion. However, new unverified rumors have been spread, even involving criminal acts such as drug use and relation with minors. 

At the same time, Cai Xukun’s programs and works, as well as endorsement banners with him, were being withdrawn. However, the male singer was not outright banned, and brands with him as a representative have not revoked his endorsement. Most importantly, most of Cai Xukun’s fans are firmly by his side, contrary to the public and netizens. 

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As a result, many articles have appeared on social media platforms, which suggest that if forgiveness is possible for Cai Xukun, then it should also be extended to Li Yifeng, Deng Lun, Fan Bingbing, and Show Lo, allowing them to return to the showbiz. Afterall, all of these were top stars who have fallen from grace, and maybe waiting for the right timing. 

li yifeng

In the case of Deng Lun, who was accused of tax evasion, there have been opinions defending him and claiming that the actor did not intentionally evade taxes, but rather was careless, leading to misunderstanding. 

“If Cai Xukun manages to overcome this, Deng Lun and Li Yifeng may have hopes of returning”, a topic, which gained various interaction and support on a Chinese SNS, even said.  

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